How Do You Use a Brain Function Diagram?


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Brain function diagrams make it easy to illustrate what parts of the brain are associated with different thought processes, bodily functions and other mental capabilities, explains the Brainwaves Center. All that is necessary to use a brain function diagram is the diagram itself and an explanation key.

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Brain function diagrams are readily available online with varying levels of detail in their explanations and exploration of the brain. The first step in making use of a brain function diagram is familiarizing oneself with the different regions and structures depicted. Color-coded diagrams make learning this much easier, according to InnerBody.

Upon learning the different regions, the next item to learn is each region's functions. Most diagrams come with a key explaining the different capabilities and roles of each brain region as well as how they interact with and control other bodily systems. Keep in mind that neuroscience is constantly evolving, and that the more recent a diagram, the more accurate and extensive the information presented by that diagram, states InnerBody.

While most diagrams are limited to images and text describing those images, interactive diagrams are also available. Interactive diagrams enable the viewer to mouse over or click on specific regions to learn about them, providing the user with a more hands-on learning experience, states InnerBody.

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