What Is Uranus's Atmosphere Made Of?

uranus-s-atmosphere-made Credit: DETLEV VAN RAVENSWAAY/Science Photo Library/Getty Images

The atmosphere for the planet Uranus is made up of methane, helium and hydrogen. Uranus is considered unique as it tilts at a 98 degree angle, and when the planet is seen from Earth, it looks like it rotates on its side.

The upper atmospheric temperature is extremely cold, and methane condenses to form a cloud layer, giving Uranus a bluish-green appearance. Winds on the planet blow primarily in an easterly direction and can reach speeds of up to 600 kilometers an hour. This planet has a rapid spin, which has an influence on the wind in Uranus’s atmosphere. Additionally, this planet has an extremely strong type of magnetic field, and a system of rings that were discovered in the year 1977.

This ring system consists of 13 rings, composed of variously sized particles. Gaps are present between each ring due to embedded satellites. There are 27 natural satellites, and these occupy positions both outside of and within the rings.

Uranus is the only planet to have its equator at almost right angles to the planets orbit. Nearly the same size as the planet Neptune, Uranus contains more methane in its mainly helium and hydrogen atmosphere than Saturn or Jupiter.