What Is Uranus' Period of Revolution?


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Uranus' period of revolution around the sun is 84 years, or 30,685 days. This means one year on Uranus equals 84 Earth years. A revolution in astronomy is the movement of one celestial body completely around another celestial body that it orbits.

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Uranus rotates on its axis in 17 hours and 14 minutes, about six hours and 46 minutes shorter than Earth. Uranus is 19.19 astronomical units, or 1.78 billion miles, from Earth.

Of the solar system's planets, Uranus has the fourth-greatest mass and is 52 times as voluminous as Earth. The distance to the center of Uranus is 15,759.2 miles. For Earth, the radius is 3,959 miles.

The effective temperature on Uranus is 57 degrees Kelvin, which is -357 degrees Fahrenheit.

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