What Unit Is Gravity Measured In?

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Gravity is measurable as a force, which means it can be described in Newtons (N). A Newton is the international standard unit of force.

Force is different on other planets, stars, or the moon, but on Earth’s surface, 0.98N is equal to the downward force of gravity on 100 grams of mass. A person can determine the force of gravity on an object by following a mathematical formula. For instance, 1 kilogram of mass exerts a downward force equal to 9.8N.

To calculate how much force gravity exerts in any particular situation, a person can use the formula f-ma, or force is equal to mass times acceleration. This can be used on animals, plants or any other object with mass.

With this formula, a person can easily calculate the Newton force of any mass. that means that a person can find the force of his body mass, for example. On average, people have a mass of around 70 kilograms, so that can be multiplied by 9.8 to find 686N.

The force of gravity holding people down to the Earth is 686N. Any less than this force on that weight would essentially allow a person to move more freely and lightly and potentially float with lesser gravitational forces.