Do Ultrasonic Pest Repellents Work?


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According to a study conducted by Kansas State University in 2002, ultrasonic devices repel some insects and rats and may interfere with mating. The results of the study were mixed and conclude the devices work better on some pests than others.

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Ultrasonic pest repellents work by emitting a high-frequency sound, thought to cause a type of seizure response in insects and rodents. They eliminate the needs for more toxic and less hygienic forms of pest control like traps and sprays that can be harmful to pets and people.

The Kansas State Study revealed these ultrasonic devices worked well against some insects such as crickets, but had little effect on cockroaches, spiders, or ants.

Before purchasing one of these devices, consumers are advised to take into consideration any small pets in the home such as hamsters or rabbits as these devices may cause them distress. It is also advised that consumers thoroughly research specific brands of ultrasonic pest repellents to find one that works as advertised.

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