Where Do Typhoons Usually Occur?


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Typhoons usually occur in Taiwan, Japan, the Philippines and Mainland China. The United States, Australia and India also see typhoons, but they are called hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean, and cyclonic storms in the Indian Ocean.

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In the Atlantic, hurricane season runs from June 1 through Nov. 30. Most hurricane activity takes place August through October. Typhoons and cyclones have seasons that follow their own patterns. In the Northeast Pacific, the season runs May 15 to Nov. 30. In the Northwest Pacific, typhoons are more common from late June to December. In the North Indian Ocean, cyclones can form from April to December, with peak formation happening in May and November. Most of the activity in the South Indian Ocean and Southwest Pacific happens from November to May.

No matter their names, these are some of the strongest atmospheric occurrences on the planet. They gather their energy from water vapor when over the warm waters. These storms can bring gale force winds and heavy rains. Hurricane-force winds may extend 50 miles (80 km) or more from the center of the storm. While wind can cause extensive damage, much of the damage caused by these storm is the result of coastal flooding and storm surge.

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