Where do typhoons mostly occur?


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Typhoons occur most often in the far western Pacific Ocean. They tend to form east of Guam and track west towards Taiwan before heading north and northeast towards Japan. This region is colloquially referred to as "typhoon alley." Typhoons strike the Philippines more often than any other nation.

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"Typhoon" is the name for the tropical cyclones that occur in the western Pacific Ocean. They are the local equivalent of hurricanes in the Atlantic and eastern Pacific oceans. The strongest typhoons have wind speeds in excess of 200 mph. The strongest recorded was Super Typhoon Nancy in 1961. Super Typhoon Nancy had sustained winds of 215 mph at peak intensity.

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    A: Tropical cyclones, including hurricanes and typhoons, form when calm, warm ocean waters set up a spiraling convection current in the air above the surface.... Full Answer >
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    What causes typhoons?

    A: Typhoons are caused by the cycle of warm air heated by the warm sea water rising, cooling and then being pushed aside by more warm air rising from below. T... Full Answer >
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    How do typhoons form?

    A: Like other tropical cyclones, typhoons form when warm, calm ocean waters transfer warmth and moisture to the air above the surface. The air rises into cool... Full Answer >
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    Where do typhoons occur?

    A: A typhoon is the name given to a tropical cyclone that forms in the northwestern part of the Pacific Ocean. Hurricanes, typhoons and cyclones are all names... Full Answer >
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