What Are Types of Willow Trees?

The weeping willow tree is the most commonly known willow tree. Other types of willow trees include the corkscrew willow, white willow, and the black willow.

There are more than 200 species of willow trees worldwide, and around 70 of them are native to North America. Weeping willow trees are native to Europe, and they thrive in areas near large bodies of water since they need lots of water to survive. The trunks of these trees are very strong and support the weight and mass of dropping branches. The corkscrew willow has twisted, contorted branches and leaves. The leaves turn a bright golden color as the fall season sets in. Due to its unusual appearance, the corkscrew willow is typically planted and grown as an ornamental tree.

The white willow is the largest species of willow trees and grows to 80 feet tall. The leaves contribute to the name of this tree. Its slender branches produce green leaves with a silvery white underside covered in fine silky hairs. The black willow gets its name from its black bark, and it is commonly found along streams, rivers and around the edges of lakes. This tree reaches heights of 50 feet and has numerous trunks. The leaves of the black willow are slender and green on top and light green underneath.