Which Types of Wildlife Animals Are Endangered?


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As of 2015, animals listed as endangered by the World Wildlife Fund include the Amur leopard, black rhino, leatherback turtle, western lowland gorilla and North Atlantic right whale. Among the factors that cause these and other creatures to become endangered are over-hunting by humans, habitat destruction and water pollution.

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Which Types of Wildlife Animals Are Endangered?
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As of 2015, there are only about 60 Amur leopards left. This wildcat makes its home in the forests and mountains of northeastern Asia. Two main causes of the species' disappearance are poaching and lack of prey. The coat of the Amur leopard is a prize for trophy hunters who can make decent money selling the pelts. Many of the cat's prey are also popular targets for human hunters, making food scarce and hindering the recovery of the leopard population in the region.

The black rhino is also a popular target for poachers on account of its horns. A less serious but still noteworthy threat to the black rhino is the destruction of the Africa savanna habitat. Habitat loss is also a factor in the western lowland gorilla's decline.

The leatherback turtle and North Atlantic right whale are two sea creatures that are subject to both illegal hunting and water pollution. A particular threat to both of these animals is sea fishing nets, which are hard to see and almost impossible to escape from. The leatherback turtle is also threatened by the over-harvesting of its eggs for human consumption.

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