What Are Some Types of Storms?


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Thunderstorms, hail storms, ice storms, tornadoes, blizzards, hurricanes, tropical storms, dust devils and squalls are types of storms known to cause serious damage. Geomagnetic solar storms are disruptions in the Earth's magnetosphere caused by activity on the Sun.

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The type of storm that affects an area often varies based on the time of the year. Blizzards, ice storms and heavy snowfall are often winter occurrences, whereas hurricanes, thunderstorms, derechos, tornadoes and hail storms occur during warmer times of the year. Damage from storms can result from many different factors related to the storm, including precipitation, wind, lightning or flooding.

A storm is generally considered a disturbed environmental state. Storms are not phenomena exclusive to Earth; other planets that have atmospheres also experience storms. Jupiter hosts the Great Red Spot, an ongoing storm that has raged for over 300 years.

Geomagnetic storms are often caused by coronal mass ejections from the Sun, also known as solar flares. Geomagnetic storms are also sometimes caused by high-speed streams of solar wind emanating from the Sun. These solar storms cause a great increase in energy within Earth's magnetosphere, and an increase in the electrical currents within the magnetosphere and the ionosphere. Geomagnetic storms can cause electronic equipment failure on Earth's surface.

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