What Types of Solar Products Get the Most Complaints?


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As far as solar products for use in the home, solar panels and lights tend to get the most complaints, notes Amazon.com. Customers complain that generic brands, like Celltronix and Nature Power, have damaged batteries that don't hold a charge or are very limited in their charging capacity. Better known brands, such as Renogy and Frostfire, get much better ratings.

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There are solar energy companies that also get negative reviews and complaints from customers, notes ConsumerAffairs.com. Customers of these companies may complain primarily about the customer service and poor installation of solar panels.

One company on Consumer Affairs with more than 100 reviews and a two star rating is Vivint Solar. Customers of this company complain that they can never get answers to questions about their panels through phone calls. They have also complained about their panels not being installed properly and damage being done to the roof in the process.

Another company with more than 60 reviews and a one and a half star rating is SolarCity. Customers of this company had similar complaints. They also reported that representatives made promises that were not kept and that their usage meters did not work properly. Customers were upset that they couldn't track the energy used or absorbed by the panels.

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