What Types of Pressure Groups Are There?

There are several different types of pressure groups, and most of them share a singular purpose to influence the political process. To name a few, the different types of pressure groups that exist include sectional, cause, peak associations, fire brigade and episodic. No matter the type of group in play, they all have a clearly visible organized structure. Pressure groups advocate for their own good or for the sake of others.

Sectional pressure groups are interest groups whose members constitute a specific organization. Cause pressure groups are promotional groups, and the members stand together for an idea more than an institution or organization. Peak associations are pressure groups that work together to cover more than one issue at a time. Fire brigade pressure groups come together to address recent or rising problems but disband when the issue no longer exists. Episodic pressure groups usually seek to influence non-political issues but have an interest in showing some influence over particular social interactions.

Pressure groups operate on different levels and come in different sizes. They operate on local, national and international levels. Some pressure groups are so popular they almost operate as institutions while others are little more than a group of concerned neighbors.