What Are the Types of Physical Weathering?

Some different types of physical weathering are abrasion, salt crystallization, insolation, frost action and wetting and drying. Physical weathering is a geological process in which over time rock or mineral break apart. Abrasion occurs when two rocks are in contact, causing them to wear down over time through grinding.

Salt crystallization causes rocks to rupture due to a saline solution entering a rock through cracks and then evaporating. This causes crystals to form. These formed crystals can expand to place pressure on the rock. Insolation produces thermal expansion and contraction of rocks due to sun rays heating the rock in the daytime. At night, rocks contract when temperatures go down.

Wetting and drying is another form of physical weathering in which rocks disintegrate due to successive expansions and contractions as they get wet and then dry. Expansion and contractions of rocks also occur through the process of frost or freeze-thaw action.