What Are Types of Noise Pollution?

Noise pollution exists in various forms, including outdoor and indoor. Common sources include those that are outside the home, such as the noise from vehicles and industrial work being performed in an area. There may also be noise pollution that emanates from interior locations, such as household appliances.

Noise pollution can be defined as any unwanted or disturbing sound. While the most obvious form of negative consequence is an annoyance, there are several other problems that can occur as a result of too much or prolonged noise. Health issues such as lack of sleep and high blood pressure can result from exposure to too much noise. These in turn can result in more health consequences and loss of productivity.

Noise pollution can occur where one is spending a short time or where one dwells for longer periods. For example, home dwellers may be exposed to unhealthy levels of noise from everyday household tools, such as washers and dryers, vacuum cleaners, fans and other appliances. Outside their homes, they may be exposed to noise from lawn equipment. Intermittent periods of excessive noise may be experienced away from the home during activities such as plane travel and on the road, as noisier vehicles, such as motorcycles, are passing.