What Are the Types of Light Energy?

The types of light energy available include visible light energy, infrared light energy, ultraviolet energy, electromagnetic energy and X-ray energy. The different types of energy are used by human beings in order to achieve certain objectives that make life much easier.

Below are some details regarding the types of light energy available and how they are useful to human beings.

Infrared light energy: this form of light energy is used in a number of applications including night vision devices, heating, tracking, communications, climatology, health hazard system development and biological system operations.

Ultraviolet light energy: this form of energy is naturally produced by the sun. However, it can also be produced artificially through mercury-vapor lamps, tanning lamps and black lights. It is used in forensics, photography, electric industry and medical treatments.

Electromagnetic energy: this type of energy is mainly used in radio technology, microwaves and terahertz radiation technology.

X-ray light energy: this type of energy is most commonly used in medical fields. A good example is the use of this energy in radiographs which give an internal image of the human body structure. This image is used to analyze medical issues that a person may be suffering from in order to come up with the best diagnosis and treatment plan.