What Are Some Types of Lavender Plants?


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The varieties of lavender are English lavender, lavandin and Spanish lavender, which is also known as French lavender. Each variety has a number of subspecies grouped together by similar characteristics.

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What Are Some Types of Lavender Plants?
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English lavender is the most widely encountered lavender in North America. Popular examples of English lavender are the blue mountain, Alba, buena vista, Munstead and Hidcote lavenders. Contrary to its name, the plant comes from the Mediterranean and not England. It is identified by having flowers in a whorl pattern with nodes along the stem. English lavender grows best in full sun and thrives in humidity, but it does poorly in heavy, water-laden soil. English lavender is often used in cooking and baking, and it is known for its subtle fragrance.

Lavandins are a hybrid between English and spike lavender, which is often found in France. Its features are similar to those of English lavender, but its second parent, the spike lavender, makes this plant stand slightly taller and bloom later with lighter-colored flowers. Well-known examples of Lavandin are the Provence, grosso, Wilson’s giant and silver frost lavenders. Lavandins are typically used for perfume fragrances, and their soil must be kept very dry.

Spanish lavender, also known as French lavender, is identified by its tightly compacted flower spikes and bracts on the flower heads, which resemble large petals. Spanish or French lavender is often used for ornamental purposes, and its various names include Madrid blue and winter bee.

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