What Types of Industry Emit the Most Greenhouse Gases?


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The different industries that emit the most greenhouse gases are oil and gas production, coal mining, pulp and paper, chemical, cement, machinery and the manufacture of steel, iron and other metals. Industry makes up about 21 percent of the greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere. The production of electricity and heat is the energy sector that produces more emission than industry.

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In terms of the greenhouse gas percentages emitted by individual industries, the cement sector produces 5.0 percent and oil and gas production is responsible for 6.1 percent. The chemical sector emits about 4.1 percent of these gases. Similarly, industrial processes used to make different goods are other sources of emissions.

Besides the industry sectors of electricity and transportation, other sources of these gases are the agriculture and commercial/residential sectors. Greenhouse gas refers primarily to gases in the atmosphere, such as carbon dioxide and methane. When these gases are emitted into the air from these different sources, it leads to heat being trapped in the atmosphere. This also causes the greenhouse effect and global warming.

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