What Are Some Types of Evergreen Trees and Shrubs?


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Conifers, such as spruce, pine, rosemary and yew, are evergreen trees and shrubs. Boxwood, holly and Evergreen Viburnum are deciduous evergreen shrubs. Yucca is an evergreen succulent.

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Conifers have needles instead of leaves and produce seed in cones instead of fruit. The Colorado blue spruce is a pyramid-shaped tree that grows up to 60 feet tall. Stiff, bluegreen needles densely cover the branches. Some pines reach over 80 feet in height and prefer full sunlight, while rosemary is a small shrub that produces needles that cooks use to spice food. Yew is a low-growing plant with drooping branches and produces its pollen with cones but forms single seeds inside red berries.

Deciduous evergreen shrubs are favorites for establishing privacy hedges. Instead of needles, these shrubs produce leaves for foliage and add textures and colors to the landscape. Holly grows as a shrub or into a small tree and produces dark-green leaves with bright red fruit, while evergreen Viburnum adds color with its green and yellow variegated leaves. Gardeners often use boxwood in formal gardens and for creating topiaries.

Yucca develops into a perennial shrub or tree, and its leaves remain green throughout the year. There are many varieties of yucca, and it forms a flower on a tall spike. The leaves are long and slender and grow from the central trunk.

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