What Types of Companies Fill CO2 Cylinders?

What Types of Companies Fill CO2 Cylinders?

Some types of companies that fill CO2 containers include industrial suppliers, welding supply companies and sporting goods retailers. In addition, many businesses that provide supplies to home brewers and to businesses that dispense fountain soda or draft beer refill CO2 containers for their customers.

Airgas, Inc. is the largest supplier of industrial, medical and specialty gases in the United States, with more than 1,100 locations, including retail stores, gas fill plants and distribution centers. Its customers are primarily those who require CO2 in large quantities.

Many sporting goods stores refill CO2 containers, including Dick's Sporting Goods and Sports Authority. Paintball enthusiasts need CO2 container refills for their paintball guns; therefore, many businesses dedicated to the sport refill CO2 containers, such as paintball stores and paintball fields.

Some businesses that cater to home brewers and dispensers of fountain soda and draft beer refill CO2 containers. These include The Brew Shop in Fredericksburg, Virginia; Homebrew Exchange in Portland, Oregon; and Giant CO2 Beverage Service in Santa Ana, California.

Many welding supply companies refill CO2 containers, such as California Welding Supply Company and American Welding and Gas. Typically, such companies provide industrial grade CO2 that may not be suitable for some applications, such as home brewing or soda dispensing systems.