What Types of Biology Study Materials Are Available to Students?

Several on-line programs and websites, such as Biology 101 and The Kids Know It Network, provide study materials for biology from preschool level to college credits. Most offer videos, on-line presentations, workbooks, textbooks and study aids such as flash card and trial examinations.

Early-age study materials are available on sites such as KidsKnowIt.com. Preschool materials feature age-appropriate definitions, songs, games, posters and movies. An example of a movie for a preschool child about fish could contain information about the many kinds of fish in the world, species, sizes, swim speeds and other characteristics. Many topics are presented allowing students to learn about human biology from the respiratory system to the skeletal system, cell structure, microscopic organisms, plants and food chains.

Teacher and students kits and workbooks for grade levels six through 12 are available. There are interactive tools such as an animal database that allows students to select a type of animal, such as a dog from one column; move to a second column to select a specific dog from a list, which includes coyotes and gray wolves; and then go to a third column that contains a picture and information about the animal's history, habitat and characteristics.

Textbooks for every topic in the study of biology from definitions to infection control are available. College-level courses for degrees in biology from universities in the United States and the world complete the list of materials that are available to students use.