What Type of Volcano Is El Misti?


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El Misti is a stratovolcano. This is a conical-shaped volcano that is symmetrical, which are common characteristics of a stratovolcano. El Misti is similar to Mount Vesuvius, another stratovolcano in Italy.

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What Type of Volcano Is El Misti?
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Stratovolcanoes, also called composite cones, consist of layers of lava, pyroclastic flow and volcanic ash from violent eruptions. The summit region of this volcano type contains summit craters.

El Misti is an active volcano, located near the city of Arequipa, which is in the southern region of Peru. Its height is 19,100 feet. El Misti's last eruption was in 1985. However, its last major eruption was in 310 B.C. If a similar eruption occurred today, it could be hazardous for Arequipa.

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