What Type of Rock Is Flint?

type-rock-flint Credit: De Agostini Picture Library / Contributor/De Agostini/Getty Images

Flint is a sedimentary rock. It is naturally found in several regions of the world, including Europe, West Asia, China and North Africa.

As a sedimentary rock, flint can be transformed much more easily than other types of rocks. Flint is not as soft as obsidian but is still a preferred rock for many applications. In fact, it was the chosen rock to create tools during the Stone Age. These included spears, hammers and other implements.

To manipulate flint into the shapes needed, people use a knapping technique. This technique includes hitting flint with another rock, which will break pieces away and create the tool from the original rock. Some of the pieces are big enough to serve as a piece of the weapon on its own.