What Type of Information Is Available on Earth911?


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Earth911 consolidates stories, links, and articles about how to live a more sustainable life and help the environment by reducing, reusing and recycling. There are links about ecologically friendly products to buy to reduce one's carbon footprint and an online marketplace that provides a way to buy them. Articles include advice on how to reuse everything from belts to doors. Earth911's recycling directory is available through their website, mobile device apps and a toll-free hot line.

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Earth911's website states that their recycling directory "provides 16 million ways to recycle 350 materials." Users can search for where to recycle such items as cell phones, electronics, automotive parts, paper and paint. Just type the material to recycle and city or zip code into Earth911's search engine to see a list of recycling possibilities.

The website of Earth911 also includes recycling guides and Earth911TV. The guides advise how to prepare materials for recycling and how to reuse products difficult to recycle. Earth911TV includes videos that, like the articles on the web page, promote a low-waste way of living.

Earth911's online marketplace provides a way to purchase environmentally sustainable products. Articles for sale include items that use less packaging and materials easily recycled and more biodegradable.

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