What Type of Device Is Required for Burning Biofuel Bricks?


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The devices needed to burn biofuel bricks range from simple stone hearths to industrial kilns of power plants. They vary depending on the material used to make the bricks, the temperature at which they combust, and local ordinances governing their use. Simple bricks for cooking require no special device.

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Biofuel bricks are solid, compressed forms of combustible organic matter. Local ordinances normally require wood- or pellet-burning stoves made from masonry or heat-resistant metals such as cast iron for burning biofuel bricks.

Many power plants use torrefaction technology that converts biomass from forests into dense, energy-packed bricks to provide energy to consumers. These bricks are formed by a super-drying process and require the power plants' coal-fired kilns to burn. The bricks burn at higher temperatures than coal, produce more energy and release fewer toxins.

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