What Type of Animals Live in Guatemala?


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Guatemala has a wide variety of native animal species as the country is comprised of 14 different ecoregions. The country has over 1200 documented species, but if all of the invertebrates were documented, the total would certainly be higher. Guatemala is home to numerous birds, mammals, amphibians and reptiles.

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Iguanas are common throughout the forested regions of Guatemala. They spend a majority of their time in the trees, but they are observed on the ground from time to time. Iguanas are primarily herbivorous, although sometimes juveniles consume insects and small vertebrates. Iguanas are commonly seen by residents of the country, and they are treated as a food source by some of the indigenous peoples.

Pumas are large cats that live throughout the highlands and forested regions of the country. Although pumas are not as common as they once were, their population remains healthier in the tiny nation of Guatemala than in North American, where they are frequently hunted and killed.

Hundreds of bird species live in Guatemala, including one particularly interesting bird called the magnificent frigate bird. Males of this large species possess bright orange-red patches of skin on their necks that are called gular sacs. These sacs are inflated during the breeding season, which helps the males to attract females.

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