What Type of Animals Live in Grasslands?


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Grasslands are home to predators, grazers and small mammals. The specific types of animals that are found in grasslands are determined by the type of grassland and its location.

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Temperate grasslands are found in places such as North America and Russia. The grasslands of North America are home to animals such as buffalo, coyotes, mice, deer and rabbits. Russia's grasslands are home to polecats and weasels. Temperate grasslands are less diverse than tropical grasslands because they receive much less rain. Short grasses that measure a few inches in height characterize the temperate grasslands. The grass that grazing animals feed on thrives during the warm seasons and goes dormant during the winter.

Tropical grasslands are found in Africa, Australia, South America and India. The largest diversity of hoofed animals are found in the African Savannah, which features a wide range of antelope species. This includes eland, impalas, gazelles oryx, gerenuk and kudu. Some other animals found in the African grasslands include wildebeest, plains zebra, rhinos, giraffes and elephants. Tropical grasslands are hot year-round, although they often receive one season of heavy rain each year. The ecosystem of tropical grasslands supports a high density of grazing animals as well as the predators that hunt them for survival.

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