What Are the Two Types of Brain Cells?

two-types-brain-cells Credit: Science Photo Library - PASIEKA/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images

The two types of brain cells are the neurons and the glial cells. The nerve cells conduct impulses between the body and the brain. The glial cells are support cells that nourish and help the neurons.

Neurons, or nerve cells, consist of axons, dendrites and synapses. Nerve cells are thin and long. Dendrites look like hair surrounding the cell body, which contains the nucleus. The axon extends from the cell body to the part of the body the neuron enervates. Nerve impulses travel from the dendrites through the cell body down the axon into the synapse. The synapse is the tiny space between nerve cells through which the nerve impulse "jumps" from one neuron to another.

The glial cells represent the most numerous cells in the brain. Approximately 10 glial cells exist for every neuron. Three different types of glial cells exist in the human brain.