Which Two Planets Have No Moons?

Mercury and Venus are the two planets that have no moons. The other planets in the solar system have a combined total of 146 moons, with 27 more potential moons waiting for confirmation.

Not all moons are round, like Earth’s moon. Moons come in other shapes and sizes, and some planets have many moons.

  • Earth has only one moon.
  • The planet Mars comes in next, with two moons.
  • The planet Neptune is listed as having 13 moons.
  • The planet Uranus is listed as having 27 moons.
  • Jupiter currently has 50 recognized moons, but another 17 moons are waiting to be confirmed.
  • The planet Saturn is said to have 53 moons, and another nine moons are waiting to be confirmed as official.
  • Pluto has three moons.