What Is the Turksat 1c Frequency?

The Turksat 1c frequency is one of the satellites of the Turkish communication company Turksat A.S. and the French Aerospatiale. The Turksat 1c was primarily used to provide a direct link between Turkey, Europe and Central Asia. In 2008, the traffic Turksat 1c handled was transferred to the Turksat 3a.

The Turksat 1a was the first attempt at setting up telecommunications for the Turkey, Europe and Central Asia area, but it exploded when it was put in orbit on Jan. 24, 1994. The next attempt was the Turksat 1b, which was intended to serve the same location, but in July 10, 1996 the broadcast services of the Turksat 1b were transferred over to the Turksat 1c because it alone provided a direct link connecting Europe and Central Asia.

The Turksat 1c was based off the Spacebus 2000 series, and therefore used horizontal and vertical emission simultaneously, effectively broadcasting television as well as handling other communication traffic. It had 16 Ku Band transponders of varying 36, 54 or 72Mhz bandwidths.

On July 16, 2008, 12 years after its first launch, the Turksat 1c transferred its communication traffic to the Turksat 3a, but it continued to broadcast television until Oct. 3, 2010.