What Is a Tulsi Plant?


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A tulsi plant is a species of basil found in India and grown in Mediterranean climates. Also called holy basil, it is used in Hindu religious ceremonies.

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Tulsi not only has ceremonial uses but medicinal uses as well. The leaves are used to remove phlegm from the lungs, induce perspiration and promote memory. Indians boil the leaves into a tea to treat malaria and dengue as well as the common cold. Drinking the tea or chewing the leaves helps to alleviate coughs, sore throats, asthma and respiratory disorders. It helps to treat headaches and insect bites as well as heart, kidney, skin, eye and teeth disorders, according to About.com.

A gardener can grow tulsi by simulating its native Mediterranean climate. She needs to prepare a shallow container with potting mix moistened by room-temperature water. The container should have drainage holes. After sowing the seeds, she places the container in a resealable plastic bag and puts it in a warm area with access to indirect light. This helps to increase the humidity. Once the seeds sprout, the gardener moves them to larger containers and waters them regularly. Every month, she should feed them with a diluted 5-10-5 fertilizer. The plants can be placed outside during the summer.

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