What Are Some Tsunami Experiments That Kids Can Do?

Recommended tsunami experiments for children are those that demonstrate how a tsunami is created, how far it travels and how large it can become. Materials needed for a tsunami experiment include a measuring tape, a table, a marker, a rubber mallet, a rock and a long, clear plastic container.

To start the experiment, put the tank on the wooden table, and fill around 10 percent of the container with water. Mark the water level, and then use the rubber mallet to pummel the table until a wave appears in the water. Mark the height of the wave, and classify it as “trial 1” on the glass. Repeat the previous steps, and label the wave as “trial 2.”

Strike the bottom of the table, just below the container, using the same amount of force to create a wave through the water. Mark the height of the wave as “trial 3.” Do the steps at least two times, and label the subsequent waves accordingly.

Finally, drop the rock into the tank. When using a glass container, put a towel below the tank to avoid damaging the container. Release the rock from a low height. Write “rock 1” on the glass to mark the height of the wave. Repeat these steps up to two times, ensuring that the results are properly recorded on a chart.