What Is Tropical Plant Identification?


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Tropical plant identification is the act of identifying tropical plants based on their appearance, location and way in which they grow. Since tropical plants are native to rain forests and cloud forests that receive a lot of rain, identifying tropical plants requires some level of special skill as they tend to be more widespread in their variations than other types of plants.

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Any plant that is native to a tropical latitude is classified as a tropical plant. The National Tropical Botanical Garden reports that more than 90 percent of the Earth's plant life grows in the tropics. Plants are critical to the existence of life on Earth, which makes the identification of tropical plants crucial to the ongoing survival of humans.

Experts embark on expeditions purely for the purpose of identifying, propagating and cultivating tropical plants. Because tropical plants are usually very green and lush in appearance, and flowering plants yield colorful flowers, these plants are popular with home gardeners. Bird of paradise, ficus, orchids and palm trees are three examples of popular tropical household plants. These plants typically get a lot of moisture and sun and can be tricky to grow and maintain, particularly outside of their native tropical climates.

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