What Are Some Tropical Dry Forest Plants?

Tropical dry forest plants include the Indio desnuda tree, the acacia tree, the columnar cactus, the palm tree and the caicos plum plant. Plants located in tropical dry forests must store the water that they receive during a short wet season to survive through a long, hot dry season.

Plants found in the Costa Rican tropical dry forest includes several species of trees, such as Indio desnuda trees and acacia trees. The Indio desnuda tree features green bark that enables it to produce food, even without leaves. The acacia tree prevents animals from eating important photosynthesis-producing leaves by growing thorns. The Ecuador tropical dry forest features fig, palm and Ceiba trees. The Ceiba tree is another tree with green bark that enables photosynthesis without leaves.

Plants growing in tropical dry forests must adapt to short wet seasons and long periods of dry, hot weather. One of these adaptations is for plants to lose their leaves and become dormant during the hottest parts of the year. Some plants are epiphytic, which means that instead of growing roots into soil, they grow on other plants and trees. Other plants absorb water during the wet seasons and store this water in their roots and stems for the dry periods.