What Are Some Trivia Questions About the Month of December?

Some trivia questions about the month of December are, "When in December does the winter solstice occur?" and "What Roman festival was held at the end of December?" Others ask what the flower, gemstone and astrological signs are for December.

Some historic science events occurred in December. "On what date in December did the first successful nuclear chain reaction occur?" "Which invention did Thomas Edison demonstrate on December 6, 1877?" and "In what year on December 2 was the first artificial heart implanted?" are all science questions pertaining to December.

Questions about other historic December events include, "Which amendment to the U.S. Constitution was ratified on December 6, 1865?" and "What historic event occurred on December 16, 1773?"

The answers to these questions are available on PopCultureMadeness.com, FunTrivia.com and HistoryPlace.com.