What Is a Trihybrid Punnett Square?


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A trihybrid Punnett Square is a matrix that depicts all possible combinations of gene alleles given the genes of the parents. In a trihybrid matrix, three genes are considered and result in an 8x8 matrix showing a total of 64 alleles that could present in the next generation.

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The Punnett Square is a tool used to understand possible genetic combinations and outcomes. By assigning gametes, or single genes, of one parent to each column and the gametes of the second parent to each row, combinations of these gametes can be assigned to each block by looking at the row and column inputs.

The matrix is 8x8 because three genes are considered. For example, if the genes were ABD, the possible combinations for each column would be: ABD, AbD, ABd, Abd, aBd, aBD, abD, abd. These would also serve as input to each row.

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