What Trees Have Red Leaves?

Trees with red leaves include maple trees, purple-leaf plum trees, smoke trees and red-silver crabapples. Some trees have leaves that turn red in the fall, including sassafras and baldcypress trees.

Maples are the most common red-leafed tree. In fact, one species is called the red maple. Red maples produce red leaves as early as the start of spring and grow throughout the majority of the United States. The summer red maple shows its leaves for the longest. These trees grow up to 60 feet tall and can live up to 200 years.

The red-silver crabapple tree shows red flowers in the spring. It produces red ornamental fruits the size of a cherry, and the flowers are known for their fragrance. The flowers can range anywhere from a light, creamy-pink color to a dark wine-red color. The flowers and fruits of the Asian crabapples last much longer into the winter season, great for feeding winter birds.

Another well-known red-leafed tree is the aspen. Found in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, the leaves change their colors from green to gold to red throughout the year. The colors change between September and October, and most color changing occurs within a few weeks, making it easy to miss. Photographers travel to Colorado to photograph the changing leaves annually.