What Are the Top 10 Most Venomous Animals?

The ten most venomous animals are the Indian red scorpion, the puffer fish, the inland taipan, the Brazilian wandering spider, death-stalker scorpion, stonefish, marbled cone snail, king cobra, blue-ringed octopus and box jelly fish.

The box jelly fish resides in the coastal waters of Australia and the tropical waters of the Indo-Pacific Ocean. It delivers the venom through 5,000 stinging cells on each tentacle. The blue-ringed octopus is found in the coral reefs of the Indian and Pacific Oceans. There is no known anti venom for it's poison. The king cobra is abundant in the dense forests of India and Southeast Asia and rare in southern East Asia. The marbled cone snail is confined to certain parts of the Indian Ocean, the Bay of Bengal and Western Pacific Ocean.

The stonefish lives in the Indo-Pacific Ocean near coasts. When it is disturbed, it secretes neurotoxins from the dorsal fins on it's back. The death-stalker scorpion resides in North Africa, the Middle East, Ethiopia, Algeria, Egypt and the Israeli desert. The Brazilian wandering spider is the most venomous spider on Earth, according to the Guinness Book of World Records in 2010. It resides in Central America and the tropics of South America. The inland taipan lives in Australia, the puffer fish in temperate tropics and the Indian red scorpion in Eastern India, Pakistan Sri Lanka and Nepal..