What Are the Top 10 Smartest Animals?


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According to Edward O. Wilson, these are the top 10 smartest animals: chimpanzee, gorilla, orangutan, baboon, gibbon, monkey, killer whale, dolphin, elephant and pig. The National Wildlife Federation says that not all scientists agree on this list. The Health Guidance website, for example, does not include baboon, gibbon, killer whale or gorilla on its top 10 smartest animals list. It includes octopus, rat, squirrel, pigeon and African grey parrot.

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Chimpanzees usually top the list of the 10 smartest animals. According to Business Insider, chimpanzees have outperformed humans at a number of memory tests. Chimps can also make tools and learn to communicate using sign language. Humans and chimpanzees have at least 98 percent of the same genetic structure.

Another animal with an excellent memory is the elephant. Health Guidance says elephants can find their way back to a location easily without the help of humans.

According to Business Insider, dolphins can recognize their reflection in a mirror and can mimic human postures. Dolphins can also learn from humans, according to Health Guidance, making them a frequent subject of aquatic shows.

The National Wildlife Federation says there is no single test or routine that can accurately measure animal intelligence. The learning abilities of animals greatly vary.

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