What Are Some Tips for Recycling Cardboard?


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Those recycling cardboard should clean and break down the cardboard, and they should also remove superfluous material. Check your city or town website for either recyclable pick-up services or locations for dropping off cardboard. As some recycling locations only accept certain materials, individuals should check for lists of acceptable items.

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Ways to prepare for cardboard recycling include removing plastic wrap, polystyrene peanuts and other packing material, as well as drying the cardboard and removing food waste. Not all places accept cardboard with significant amounts of food or oils on it. It is generally acceptable to leave packaging tape and labels on cardboard. Individuals may still be able to recycle wet cardboard, but it is heavier to carry. Some locations reject wet cardboard because it clogs their sorting machines, so recyclers should check with their local facilities first.

In addition to city websites, other websites, such as Earth911.com, offer recycling center locators on their websites. Earth911.com's locator enables users to search for either corrugated cardboard or waxed cardboard recycling centers. The centers appear as icons on a map, and users can either click on the icons to view facility information or scroll to other regions on the map. They can also type in their ZIP codes to locate their regions.

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