What Are Some Tips for Recycling?


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There are many options for recycling that range from simple to complex. Direct a house's plumbing to flush toilets using water gathered from rainfall and wastewater from showering. Turn food scraps into compost for the soil. Offer broken appliances to trade schools or repair shops. When buying a new cell phone, contact one of the many organizations that give old cell phones to economically disadvantaged people.

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Make sure that glass items intended for recycling remain whole. Glass can be disqualified from recycling if it is crushed. Rinse out recyclable containers before taking them to a recycling center. Wash out aluminum cans and plastic containers to keep bugs away.

Crush metal and plastic recyclables while gathering enough to make the trip to recycle them. Crush steel cans by removing both ends first. Most metallic items are recyclable, including aerosol cans and aluminum foil.

When recycling newspapers, do not mix them with paper bags and cardboard boxes. Doing so contaminates the newspaper. Have a carrier bag nearby to recycle junk mail immediately. Remove food from boxes. Magazines, telephone books, brochures, tissues and carbon paper are all reusable. Facilities accept mouthwash and salad dressing bottles, birthday cards, and toilet paper tubes.

Give away old clothes that no longer fit along with scented soaps that do not appeal to the senses. Post classified ads to give away things no longer needed. Blend recycling into a daily lifestyle; make it a habit. When it's time to go to the recycling center, do it on the way to school or work.

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