What Are Some Tips for the Phlebotomist Order of Draw?

The aspiring phlebotomist can remember the proper order of draw by memorizing the phrase "Boys Love Ravishing Girls Like Dieters Love Greek Yogurt," according to the website Phlebotomy Coach. The site Phlebotomy Technician also recommends studying with flash cards.

Order of draw protects blood specimens from becoming contaminated, according to the website E-Phlebotomy Training. The order of draw is officially established by the Clinical Laboratory Standards Institute and covers any blood taken via collection tube, syringe, or evacuated system. Different blood tests require tubes containing different additives. These additives may contaminate other tests if proper order of draw is not followed.

The mnemonic "Boys Love Ravishing Girls Like Dieters Love Greek Yogurt," recommended by the website Phlebotomy Coach, helps phlebotomists remember the proper order because each letter of the phrase corresponds to a different color cap, used to distinguish specimens meant for different things. For example, specimens that are meant for coagulation testing are put in sample tubes that are light blue. In the mnemonic, this corresponds to the word with the initial letter L. Following proper order of draw, light blue specimens should be taken second in order, after general blood cultures.

Because of the complicated nature of the color-coding system, the site Phlebotomy Technician states that phlebotomy students should memorize the color codes alongside the terminology each one is associated with, and flash cards can help. Students should also know what each additive does to blood.