What Are Some Tips for Locating Acupressure Points?


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Some tips for locating acupressure points include learning the theory behind acupressure and knowing the location of common acupressure points, states WebMD. Some websites, such as ExperienceLife.com and BalanceFlow.com, recommend that individuals learn to locate acupressure points using their fingers to feel for slight indentations, indicative of acupoints.

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Acupressure, which is similar to acupuncture without the use of needles, promotes healing and wellness by stimulating energy channels in the body called meridians, as reported by the Scientific American. Acupressure practitioners usually focus on three acupoints: Large Intestine 4, a soft fleshy mound between the thumb and forefinger; Liver 3, a soft flesh in the middle of the big and second toes; and Spleen 6, which is three finger widths above the inner anklebone, states WebMD.

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