What Are Some Tips for Going Green?


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Tips for going green include turning off electronics when not in use, adjusting refrigerator settings and eating foods grown using sustainable methods. Automotive tips include choosing a more fuel-efficient vehicle, inflating tires properly and removing excess weight from the trunk. Carpooling or riding a bike reduces the amount of carbon dioxide released into the air.

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Choosing to eat fish harvested in sustainable ways is a simple way to keep rivers and oceans healthy. Shifting demand away from unsustainable fishing methods helps to prevent over-fishing that may deplete fish populations and harm marine ecosystems. Eating less meat also has a positive impact on the planet. Cattle ranching requires large tracts of land and water. Switching to sustainable coffee is another tip for going green.

Composing food scraps reduces waste and produces sustainable fertilizer suitable for home gardening and landscaping. Tips for making sustainable travel plans include booking direct flights, making use of local mass-transit systems or renting fuel-efficient vehicles. Making travel arrangements through accredited eco-tourism companies can also reduce the ecological impact of a holiday or vacation. Tourists who choose not to purchase illegal wildlife products can reduce the demand items such as ivory, exotic meats and skins, the trade of which have placed many different animal species at risk of extinction.

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