What Are Some Tips for Getting Kids Involved in Recycling?


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Some tips for getting kids involved in recycling include making it as easy and convenient as possible, as well as turning recycling into a game. Repurposing and upcycling common household items also help motivate kids to get involved in the recycling process.

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Putting recycling bins in high-traffic areas, such as your child's bedroom or the kitchen, makes it easier for them to get involved in recycling. The more conveniently located it is, the more likely the kids are to take part.

Turning recycling into a game is another great way to get kids involved. Set goals for the kids, and reward them if they are able to reach those goals. You can also have them design their own recycling bins so that they feel as though they have ownership. Another activity to do with kids is to reuse some of the recyclable items. Brighthub.com provides some examples of crafts that kids can create from those items.

Consistency is key in having a successful recycling program in your house. Start out early with the kids, and set good examples for them. Let them see you taking part in this initiative. Stick with the program, and kids are more likely to follow suit.

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