What are some tips on earthquake safety and preparation?


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One important tip on earthquake safety and preparation is to formulate an earthquake readiness plan, which can significantly reduce anxiety and prevent or minimize injuries. It's also important to secure the living quarters by reinforcing the house's foundation. Bolt down movable items, such as bookcases, light fixtures and mirrors, which can topple over and cause major harm.

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Organize an earthquake survival kit that includes a supply of nonperishable foods, water, blankets, first-aid necessities, flashlights and extra batteries. Families can also create a communication plan in case members get separated during an earthquake.

When an earthquake strikes, avoid staying near windows or heavy pieces of furniture that could fall over. As the shaking starts, drop to the ground, take cover in a secure place, protect the head and neck with the arms and hold on to something sturdy. Running outdoors during an earthquake is not recommended.

If inside a vehicle, slowly drive to a place that is away from buildings, trees and utility wires. Turn off the engine, stay inside the car and wait for the shaking to subside. Immediately after an earthquake, go to the nearest safe area. If trapped, remain calm and do not move. Call for help or make noises and wait to be rescued.

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