What Are Some Tips for Bush Identification?


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One tip for bush identification is to observe the bark and the shape and color of the leaves. Other ways to identify bushes are to see whether they have thorns, prickles or bristles and identify the sort of flowers they produce. Other identifiers are nuts, acorns, pods, berries or other types of seedheads. Another way to identify a bush is by the habitat where it grows.

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For example, a rose bush is easy to identify when it is flowering, but identifying it at other times of the year might be a challenge. One way may be by its fruit. Roses bear red fruits called hips, and they are diagnostic. In some types of rose bushes, they are born singly on stems and in others they come in clusters. In the smooth and rugosa roses, the fruit hang on to their sepals even after they are ripe.

The twigs and bark of the sweetshrub are aromatic as are the leaves. The leaves are also oval and downy underneath, and the flowers are reddish brown and have a smell similar to strawberries. The bark of the ninebark splits and peels, but the pith is solid. The leaves are toothed and the plant bears clusters of flowers.

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