What Is the Timeline of Environmental Science?


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The timeline of environmental science is an rough estimate of the history of human scientific inquiry into the natural world. The first scientific exploration of the environment began in 1866 when scientist Ernst Haeckel created ecology, the study of the relationship between an organism and its environment.

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Roger Revelle and Charles Keeling discovered the accumulation of carbon dioxide in the Earth's atmosphere in 1957, which was the first evidence for global climate change. On Sept. 27, 1962, Rachel Carson published "Silent Spring," criticizing the view of man as separate from or above nature and the haphazard use of chemical pesticides. "Silent Spring" marked a decisive turning point in public acknowledgement and awareness of environmental issues. F. Sherwood Rowland and Mario J. Molina discovered that the Earth's ozone layer was being depleted due to the release of chlorofluorocarbons in 1974. Environmental science is an ongoing area of research, as of 2014, so the timeline is still progressing.

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