What Are the Three Skin Senses?

The three skin senses include touch, pressure and temperature. Information from the senses is transmitted by one of two types of pathways via the thalamus, the myelinated fibers (the fast pathway) and the unmyelinated fibers (the slow pathway).

Receptors in the skin include the Meissner's corpuscles, Pacinian corpuscles, Krause's bulbs and the Ruffini endings. The Meissner's corpuscles are sensitive to touch. The Pacinian corpuscles are sensitive to deep pressure. The Ruffini endings relate information on warmth. The Krause's bulbs transmit information on cold. The information is sent from the receptors to nerve fibers up through the spinal cord to the brainstem. After the information goes to the brainstem, it moves to the parietal lobe.