What Are Three Characteristics of the Monera Kingdom?

Monera kingdom characteristics include unicellular organisms, primitive organisms and the presence of a rigid cell wall. Monera are thought to be the most basic kingdom on the planet and are comprised of mostly bacteria.

The organisms that make up the kingdom of Monera are divided into two groups called phylums. These groups consist of heterotrophs and autotrophs. Autotrophs are bacteria and other organisms that are able to create their own food. Heterotrophs are not able to create their own food and have to rely on outside sources in order to be able to eat, survive and produce energy. An example of a heterotroph is a fungi, which relies on waste in order to be able to eat.

Monera kingdom is classified mainly by the shape of the organisms within it. While they are initially divided into two groups based on what and how they eat, they are divided again after their shapes are determined. Other factors that help divide the organisms into smaller classification systems are the way that they breathe, the way they move and the environments that they thrive in, although most bacteria and other members of the Monera family require some type of moisture and some type of waste or residue in order to be able to thrive in any type of environment.