What Are Some Things That Can Be Recycled?

What Are Some Things That Can Be Recycled?

Recyclable materials include batteries, many kinds of beverage containers, demolition debris and various types of electronics. Most metals, paper products and plastics are recyclable, and all organic material such as food waste can be recycled through a procedure called composting.

Batteries become hazardous waste once they are drained of their power. As such, landfill operators ban them from being discarded in their facilities. This rule applies to all battery sizes, from AAA to D and 9-volt batteries.

Most beverage containers are made of aluminum, plastic or glass. All three of these materials are readily recyclable and many municipalities offer residents easy access to recycling centers designed to receive waste of this kind.

Electronic products such as televisions, DVD players, cell phones and fax machines are all recyclable products. In many cases, the products themselves can be refurbished or otherwise reused without having to be dismantled.

Canned goods and aerosol sprays are two common types of metal products that can be recycled. In order for the recycling process to work smoothly, however, the materials must be clean of food waste and other contaminants.

Paper and plastic are readily recyclable materials, although not all plastics can be recycled in the same way. As a result, plastic containers bear a plastic resin code that informs recyclers how and where to dispose of plastics for effective recycling.